Lendlease and Surbana Jurong Unite to Launch a Revolutionary Digital Solution: Podium for Development

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Check this article: The centerpiece wall of black forest stone slabs with a matte leather finish at the arrival and drop-off area

The centerpiece wall of black forest stone slabs with a matte leather finish at the arrival and drop-off area


You might be wondering, “What’s the big fuss about?” Well, buckle up, folks! This isn’t just any regular collaboration. This is the collaboration of two giants aiming to change the face of the property development sector.

Introduction: A Powerhouse Partnership

Lendlease, a renowned international property group, has decided to join forces with Surbana Jurong, the prestigious urban and infrastructure consultancy. Their shared goal? To launch the groundbreaking digital platform, Podium for Development. Talk about setting the bar high!

The Need for Digital Evolution

In today’s world, everything’s going digital – from your grandma’s knitting patterns to the very infrastructure of towering skyscrapers. It’s high time the real estate and property development industry caught up. And who better to usher in this new era than Lendlease and Surbana Jurong?

Setting the Stage for Podium

The word “Podium” might remind you of the Olympics and victorious athletes standing tall, and in a way, that’s what this platform is aiming for – a victorious transformation of property development.

The Ins and Outs of Podium for Development

Why Podium?

You might be scratching your head, thinking, “Why Podium?” The answer lies in the future of property development. As our cities expand, we need efficient, digital solutions that can keep up with the pace. Podium offers just that.

The Features that Set it Apart

Podium is no ordinary platform. It promises:

  • Seamless integration with third-party applications
  • A unique user-friendly interface
  • Advanced analytics and forecasting capabilities

The Big Dream

Podium isn’t just about providing a digital solution. It’s about shaping the future of sustainable cities and smart urban developments.

Lendlease is working with Surbana Jurong as its go-to-market partner to deliver Podium for Development

The collaboration between Lendlease and Surbana Jurong goes beyond corporate jargon and boardroom meetings. This is about two industry titans coming together, pooling their expertise, and creating something monumental.

The Visionaries Behind the Scene

When you think of Lendlease, think innovation. And when Surbana Jurong comes to mind, think expertise. The fusion of these two is a recipe for something epic. And Podium is the result of this beautiful marriage.

A Testament to Their Commitment

Podium is not just a digital platform. It’s a testament to Lendlease and Surbana Jurong’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of property development.


1. What is Podium for Development?
It’s a revolutionary digital platform for the property development sector, brought to life by the partnership of Lendlease and Surbana Jurong.

2. Why was there a need for Podium?
The increasing demand for digital solutions in property development necessitated a platform like Podium.

3. Who are Lendlease and Surbana Jurong?
Lendlease is an international property group, while Surbana Jurong is a global urban and infrastructure consultancy.

4. What makes Podium different from other platforms?
Podium boasts seamless third-party integration, a unique interface, and cutting-edge analytics.

5. Is this collaboration a one-time thing?
While Podium is a significant project, the collaboration signifies a long-term commitment to innovation.

6. How will Podium impact future property developments?
It aims to shape sustainable and smart urban developments, revolutionizing the way we approach property projects.

Conclusion: A New Era Beckons

When two giants like Lendlease and Surbana Jurong come together, you know magic’s about to happen. Podium for Development is not just a platform; it’s a beacon for the future of property development. So, the next time you hear about a smart city or sustainable infrastructure, remember: it probably has Podium’s fingerprints all over it!